Brown and Brown Law Firm: Knowing the Different Types of Personal Injury Claims


Personal injury refers to a legal term comprising of any kind of distress or harm inflicted on a person by another individual causing physical injury, psychological effects or emotional stress. What are the common types of personal injury claims? Most injuries are sustained because of motor vehicular collisions or car accidents. Personal injuries can significantly affect a person’s life with long-term consequences on employment, social life, family life, and the person’s general well-being. Visit Brown Law Firm now to get started.

Motor vehicular collisions involve accidents involving the collision of a car, motorcycle, bus, or truck, with another vehicle or with a pedestrian crossing of walking along the road. A personal injury claim involving motor vehicular accidents can be so complex checking on the police report, violations of common law, and driving code. It is best to contact a Savannah personal injury lawyer to help you in defining your liabilities and for negotiation of an equitable settlement. One of the most common types of personal injury claims is negligence and public liabilities, that may occur in public areas or corporate organizations. For instance, lacking safety signs over a wet hallway, or not complying with the construction codes of the state may lead to slip and fall accidents can be classified as a personal injury that may warrant a claim. Hiring a personal injury lawyer can help you in getting the just compensation that you deserve, handling all paperwork and gathering all evidence needed to prove your claim.

Workplace injuries are accidents happening in the workplace due to the employer’s negligence or the lack of prompt action of a business owner. Occupational injuries are sustained because of lack of compliance with workplace safety codes and building codes. It is important to determine the severity of the injuries and so as the contributory negligence on the part of the victim, and a personal injury lawyer can help in determining these types of claims accurately. Medical malpractice or medical negligence happens when a healthcare professional failed to provide the standard of care needed that resulted in physical harm or injury such as wrong administration of drugs or left forceps after an abdominal surgery.

When hiring a personal injury lawyer, it is important to work with a trusted, reliable, and reputable attorney who has the experience and expertise in handling the type of personal injury claim that you are fighting for. You have to contact a personal injury lawyer immediately because time is a crucial element in the successful outcome of a personal injury claim.

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